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I’m BACK!!!

Okay, so I left for a week for church camp without saying goodbye, so I’m gonna say it now:

We drove to Kentucky from Virginia and it took us twelve hours driving through the night.

so most of monday, we were all like:

Tuesday, we started doing stuff. I was in this group where we visited nursing homes and made crafts for them and talked to them. Since I’m so introverted and bad at talking to people, I was mostly like:

But then I got talking to this lady who was deaf in one ear, and I couldn’t really understand what she was saying but when we were leaving, she said loud and clear, “I love you!” Then I was like:

Wednesday is labeled at our church ‘Emotional day’ because it seems like every time we go to church camp, wednesday is the day everyone cries during the service. Well, we got to a different nursing home and I sat with this lady who loved to sing, and she reminded me of my mom back home because she loves singing too, and then I started thinking of her old, and

But anyway, that night we played our own version of Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, and I won!!

But everyone in our dorm was bawling when my best  friend confided in us about something she had been dwelling on for a while, and we were all like:

Thursday night, there was this guy in a scary clown mask. He didn’t scare me, but he scare the living crap out of my friends. I noticed him coming towards us, and I pointed toward my friends and put my finger over my mouth. He didn’t even do anything, he just stood there and they went:

And I was like:

Then this morning, we were all packed and we drove all the way back. I got home and did this:

And now I’m back baby!!! WHOO!!!!!!

So yeah just letting you all know that I didn’t die :D

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